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In commemoration of the fact Andrew Zemnitsky was able to move to Moscow and obtain his masters degree from the Higher School of Economics due to a scholarship from European Union (TASIC Program), in April 2015 ANZ Capital awarded maintenance grants to two most outstanding students of Novosibirsk State Technical University who have decided to pursue their masters degrees in Business informatics and E-commerce at the Higher School of Economics. Natalia Zemnitsky is going to monitor the selected students’ academic performance during the term of the maintenance grant (two years) to make sure they continuously qualify under the grant terms.

This year I’m graduating from Novosibirsk State Technical University in Eastern Russia and I’ve recently faced a question if I should pursue an advanced master’s degree in a more renowned university. The most respected faculty in Business Informatics (my major) belongs to National Research University – The Higher School of Economics in Moscow (HSE). But the relocation to and living in Moscow implies additional costs, which could have posed an unbearable burden for my family.
The ANZ Capital maintenance grant for my living costs in Moscow gave me perfect assurance to pursue the best educational opportunity in my country and generally increased my motivation to study. This is an enormous support for a student. Now I’m looking forward to my fist academic year and to my new stage in life in general.
I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to ANZ Capital for this life-changing opportunity!

– Alena Ipina, HSE, Business Informatics 2017

I would like to thank ANZ Capital for their invaluable support and encouragement of my educational aspirations. This was the fundamental reason why I dared at all to apply to the Master course in E-commerce at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Highest level of education at HSE is going to give me a chance to truly fulfill my professional ambitions. And the maintenance grant from ANZ Capital will certainly provide me with decent means to live and study in Moscow.

– Vladimir Uporov, HSE, E-commerce 2017

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