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Andrew Zemnitsky

Founder and President

Andrew received MBA degree from NYU Stern, he also holds M.Sc. and PhD in Economics from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Andrew is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a founder of a CFA affiliate society in Russia

Andrew started his career as an economist of the World Bank in 1998. His team advised Russian, Kazakhstan and Morocco governments on the benefits of the accession to the World Trade Organisation. In 2002 Andrew ventured into investment banking doing many major M&A deals in the Oil&Gas industry. Andrew is a former deputy head of M&A of a leading telecom provider VEON (NASDAQ:VEON), currently serving 230 million subscribers worldwide, he is a former head of business development of Altimo, a leading Eastern European private-equity fund investing into communications. For Altimo Andrew originated and executed acquisitions in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,and Kyrgyzstan with total transactions value of more than USD 1.2 bln. He also managed projects in Armenia and Myanmar and was an office head in Jakarata, Indonesia

In 2009 Andrew became a CEO of a private equity investment company A-1 managing a multi-billion private-equity portfolio. He represented shareholders on the boards of a major car dealership, a low-cost airline, a chain of movie theaters, a chain of food retail stores, an IT company and several gold mining projects. Andrew left Alfa Group in 2010 and had been successfully running a fixed-income hedge fund before coming back to private equity in 2015 with ANZ Capital.

Natalia Zemnitsky

Communications and Philanthropy Director

Natalia runs public relations and philanthropy programs for ANZ Capital. She is a proponent of social investing, green technologies, animal care and helping working women to break the glass ceiling in their careers. Natalia holds B. Sc. in Psychology from National Aviation University in Kiev, B.Sc. in Political Science from State Social University in Moscow and M.Sc. in Social Psychology from Moscow State University

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