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Andrew Zemnitsky

Founder and President

Andrew received his MBA degree from NYU Stern, before that he obtained his PhD in Economics from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Andrew is a co-founder of the CFA Institute affiliate society in Russia

Andrew started his career as a research fellow of the World Bank Insitute. His team advised governments of Kazakhstan, Russia and Morocco on the accession roadmap to the World Trade Organisation. In 2002 Andrew ventured into investment banking doing many major M&A deals in the Oil&Gas industry. Andrew is a former Head of M&A of a global telecom provider VEON (NASDAQ:VEON), currently serving 230 million subscribers worldwide, he is a former head of business development a leading European private-equity fund investing into telecommunications. Andrew originated and executed acquisitions with total transactions value of more than USD 1 bln. He also managed projects in Armenia and Myanmar and was a head of office in Indonesia.

In his last corporate job in Europe Andrew became a CEO of a private-equity fund managing a diversified multi-billion private-equity portfolio. In that role he was a board member of a major car dealership, a low-cost airline, a chain of movie theaters, a food retailer, an IT-services company and several gold mining projects. After leaving his corporate career in Europe in 2010 Andrew moved to New York City to continue doing what he likes the most – helping private companies and startups to prosper in partnership with ANZ Capital

Vladimir Uporov

Due Diligence Associate

With a Master’s degree in E-Business from the Higher School of Economics, Vladimir is an accomplished professional. As the CEO of InvoiceCafe, he led the creation of a modern invoice finance marketplace for non-banking investors from scratch, ultimately reaching a successful exit. At Ozon Fintech, Vladimir built factoring products from the ground up, utilized by tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, with a total turnover of hundreds of millions of US dollars. His extensive experience uniquely equips him to conduct high-level due diligence for projects, ensuring comprehensive assessments and informed decisions.

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