ANZ Capital

We are a New York based private investment firm
looking for investment opportunities primarily in the US


Founded in 2015, ANZ Capital specializes on recognizing value creation opportunities both in early stage venture investments as well as in established companies undergoing major restructuring.

Our primary strategy is to recognize value – or the potential for value – where others do not. Thus we generally avoid the full auction process, although we will participate in such auctions when we believe we have an edge over the competition.

While not looking for a management control per se, ANZ Capital seeks to be a pro-active investor, adding value to its portfolio companies through deep involvement into board of directors and its sub-committees activities. We work in tandem with our companies and strive to add value.


Since its inception, ANZ Capital has employed an industry-focused approach to investing which is reflective of the management team expertise. Our investment focus is on IT platforms, financial services, technology, retail, consumer products, real estate and communications.

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